Wi-Fi Settings

  • Select setting on main screen
  • Select Wireless and networks
  • Ensure Wi-Fi tick box is selected
  • Tap Wi-Fi settings

  • Ensure Network notification tick box is selected
  • Also select Location & Security and ensure ‘use wireless network’ tick box is selected 
  • Wi-Fi settings allow you to scan for network connection or add a Wi-Fi network


Adding Wi-Fi network

  • Adding a new Wi-Fi ensure you have Network SSID
  • SSID can be found on your physical router, info located on the back/underneath or most routers have an interface configurable through your internet 

  • browser. You have to open up Internet Explorer, or Firefox, and type the IP Address of your router this will allow you to locate SSID.
  • This will scan for network, once connected you should see a symbol next to the network you are connected to