How to assign sequential invoice numbers for reps.

Current Invoice Number = The starting number you wish to use for the rep.

End Invoice Number = The last allowed invoice number for the rep.

It's very important that there is NO overlap between the End Invoice Number and the next Current Invoice Number of the rep.

The below screenshot shows the correct Current Invoice Number and End Invoice Number. assigned to reps.

Using David O'Flynn as an example, you can see his Current Invoice Number has been assigned at 10000, and his End Invoice Number is set at 19999.
The next rep's Current Invoice Number starts at 20000.

To assign the Invoice Numbers in the console you go to:

1. Home - Invoice Numbers.

2. To add a new row, Click New in the menu. 
3. In the new row that appears, click in the cell, choose from the list of reps, and enter a number into Current Invoice Number and End Invoice Number.
4. Then click Save.
5. The reps will have to carry out a full sync to receive these new details.