Most IntelliBrand console grids work the same way. 

In this article, grid use is explained on the example of Manage Customers grid. 

To start, find the grid you wish to access from the Master Data section in your IntelliBrand console:

Once you open the grid, you can see your data displayed. If there are more columns than fit on the page, you can use the slide bar to access the rest of the column as indicated by the red arrow:

The first row in a grid is a Search bar. You can use this to find particular records or filter the data:

To add a new record to the grid, press the button New at the top of the screen. This will open a new blank row for you, where you enter your data. Once done, press the button Save:

You can only Delete records if no data has been taken against them yet. If any data has been taken against them (for example, if an Order has been done for a Customer), you will not be able to delete them directly from the console to prevent the data loss. 

You can also Print, Email, or Export the data from the grid:

If you need help with using the grid, you can press on the Get Help button, which will take you directly to the appropriate section or an article on the support site:

You can sort the data in each column by clicking inside of the search bar for that column, then clicking the little arrow button to sort the data in either ascending, or descending alphabetical order:

You can also filter the data by clicking inside of the search bar, then selecting the little icon in the top right corner:

You can view which filters you have enabled, as well as clear your filters from the bottom on the screen: