Important NoteThis article is only applicable is you have manual imports set up in your console. If your data is being imported from a back-end system, please refer to the following article instead:

Step 1: Open your IntelliBrand console and click on Imports. Select Create Import Files option, then email the files to your own email address:

Step 2: Check your inbox for the files. Make sure to also check your Spam and Promotions folders if the email isn't showing in your inbox. Download the files from the email:

Step 3: Extract the files and save them on your machine:

Step 4: Open the file you wish to import, scroll to the bottom and add new records to the file. You can also edit the existing records to make the changes to the data already in the console. Once done save and close the file. 

Note: You cannot edit the key fields such as Customer Code, Product Code, or User Code - changing these will create new records in the system, rather than overwriting the existing ones.

Step 5: Open your IntelliBrand console, go to Imports, then select the import you wish to run. You will be asked to select a file from your machine. Select the file you have just edited and press Open. The import will now start, and once it's completed, a message sayin "Import completed successfully" will be displayed. If the data was entered incorrectly to the file, you might get an error - error message will tell you exactly what went wrong so you can fix the file and try again.