To setup CRM in IntelliBrand, you need to click on the CRM button on the top of your IntelliBrand console:


This will take you to the CRM tab, where you can see existing CRM data, create a new CRM. or delete a CRM that is no longer needed.

To create a new CRM:

1. Click on the New button.

2. A pop-up window will open where you need to enter the information about the new CRM.

3. If you only want to have one record per customer, please enable the Single Instance option. 

To delete a record, or add a new one, open the wanted CRM, highlight the record you would like to delete and right click on it. This will bring up an option to either delete a record, or add in a new one:

To enable or disable a CRM, you need to choose the CRM on the left side of the screen, the click on the far right button on the screen:

A  green tick next to the name of the CRM instance indicates that the CRM instance in enabled:

A red crossed circle indicates it is disabled:

To edit a CRM configuration, click on the CRM instance you need, then click on the gear button on the top right side of the CRM tab:

CRM display on the Tablet

Select a call on the tablet

Once you have opened this select on CRM from the side bar

Select on the tab you created (see Equipment marked below)

Then select on NEW from the top right (circled in below screenshot) 

After selecting NEW, you will see all fields that were created, which can be filled in 

You can carry on with the call taking an Order/Audit/Survey/Promotion OR you can close the call after completing CRM 

Console - CRM Reporting

Select on the Reports section of the console

Select on the CRM drop down > select Customer items

There are filters that need to be selected in the report

Under Customer Items select the CRM Name (Equipment is selected below) you want to report on. Then select on RUN report

Data gathered will appear in grid format, this can be Exported (highlighted below) then in to CSV, Excel, PDF and Word