Product Filters allow you to create and apply ad-hoc filters to your Product List when Ordering or Auditing.  This can be very helpful if you would like your Sales Team to focus on certain key lines such as:

  • Seasonal
  • End of Life
  • Promotion
  • Short date
  • Top 20
  • Must Stock
  • Large Fridge
  • Volume deals

Instructions to setup below;

To enable offers on the tablet see following instructions;

  • Select on Master Data > Products > Product Filters

  • Select on NEW from the Grid Operations tool bar
  • Fill in Name, Start/End date and Active
  • Then select the Filter type Audit or Order

Fill in the Sequence number as you would like them to appear on the tablet

Select on the Customer groups, select on the drop down arrow to choose customer (the customers groups chosen will be able to view Promotion)

Once you have created the Product filter name, you can then add products

Expand on the + next to the filter name, then click Entries (both underlined below)

Select NEW from the top to add in a product (a drop down will appear to select the product)

Select the product and add the sequence number

Then select SAVE

** You can add as many products required   

** Once this is setup please ensure that Reps Sync their devices

On the device filters are found under the Orders or Audits tab, depending on the filter type you chose on the console

Orders tab

Audit tab