This article explains how you can use the Price Breaks functionality in IntelliBrand. This functionality helps you assign a special price to products when they are purchased in a specified quantity.

You can open the Price Break form in the console if you navigate to Master Data > Products > Price Breaks.

How to create or update a new Price Break

  1. Click on the New button if you are creating a new price break. A new record will be inserted into the grid.
    If you are updating an existing Price Break then click on the record you want to update and edit the values in each cell.
  2. Select the product from the dropdown in the Product column. Please note, the ProductCode column will be automatically populated after you save your changes.
  3. Enter a number into From Qty - this is the minimum quantity where this Price Break will be activated and a special price is used.
  4. Enter another number number into To Qty - this is the upper quantity limit of this Price Break and if the customer orders more than this quantity then the regular price will be used. Please note that this is a mandatory field - should you wish to use the Price Break with no upper limit then enter a large quantity e.g. 999999.
  5. Enter the Special Price used in this Price Break into the Price column.
  6. Select the Customers you want this Price Break assigned to in the Customer Id column. Please note that leaving this field empty will assign the Price Break to all customers.
  7. Save your changes by clicking on the Save button in the top menu.

How to delete a Price Break

  1. Click on the record you wish to delete
  2. Click on the Delete button in the top menu
  3. Click on the Save button to save your changes.