The process for setting up Listings for Orders and Audits are the same.  The only difference is setting the Listing Type to ORDER or AUDIT.

See below example setting up an Audit Listing;

ORDER - By choosing the listing type of ORDER, this will allow you to choose your products for ordering
AUDIT - By choosing the listing type of AUDIT, this will allow you to choose your products for auditing

  • Select on LISTINGS from the main ribbon.

  • The below screen will appear.
  • Select on NEW to create a new Audit or Order Listing - Enter the name select OK

  • Once Listing is set-up, products will appear, see below screen.
  • Enter the Start Date, End Date, Listing Type - SET TO AUDITS or ORDERS and select Active.  Marked below

  • To assign Products to the Audit Listing you can simply tick in the IN GROUP column, also SEARCH option is available, see below screenshot. 
  • It is possible to filter on any column, below is an example filtered by Product Group, then to the right circled below is +/- (select + which will Tick all products in the selected group)

  • Below select on ASSIGNED GROUPS
  • In here, select the Customer Group that you would like to assign the Audit too, by selecting on the Tick Box under Is Assigned columnsee below

**Once PRODUCTS have been selected and also CUSTOMERS, this is automatically saved.  Close out of Listings to refresh and Open to see new listing created.  Reps will need to sync to receive the new listing.