Push Calls Forward functionality in the console can be used to change the Next Call Date for a particular rep's Journey Plans. 

It is intended to be used in cases such as for a rep who is on holidays, or out sick, so that when they come back, their Next Call Date is still correct. 

To access this feature, open your IntelliBrand console and go to Master Data Users & Journey Plans >Journey Plans:

In the Journey Plans tab, at the top of the screen, there is a Push Calls Forward button:

Once you have clicked on it, you can choose a rep for which you wish to push the calls forward, as well as the date range:

Make sure to set the From date to the current furthest date the rep has.

For example if the current Next Call Dates the rep is seeing are 01/01, 02/02 and 23/02, you would set the from date to 01/01 when pushing the calls forward.