Notice Board is a new IntelliBrand feature that can be used to publish company notices through the IntelliBrand console, which tablets users can then view on their tablets. 

You can find the Notice Board in your IntelliBrand console at the top left of the screen as indicated in the screenshot below:

When you click on the Notice Board icon, you will access the window which allows you to edit your company Notice Board. Whatever information you want to display you can simply type or paste into the Notice Board. Images can also be pasted in as regular text. For the changes to be published, make sure to press the save button at the top left corner of the screen.

You can also link directly to Media items using the Insert/Media Link option.

There are two different settings that can be used for the Notice Board . The settings can be found under the Device Settings in the IntelliBrand console:

1. Notice Board is a default view - This setting will set the Notice Board as a default view on your tablets instead of the Twitter feed.

2. Show Notice Board on front screen - This setting can be used to decide if you wish to display the Notice Board on the tablets or not.

Notice Board will be visible on the front screen of the tablet (once it has been turned on in the console settings) as shown in the following screenshot: