Searching for customers

  1. Tap on the Magnifying glass icon in the Daily Calls screen to open the Search bar.

  2. Start typing the Customer's name or Code into the Search field.

  3. After typing at least 3 characters, the list will be filtered and only those customers will be shown whose name or customer code contains the Search term.

Using the Filter panel to filter customers

The filter panel allows you to filter customers based on Call Weeks, Call Days, Last Call Date and optionally Health Status (Health status might not be visible on your tablet.)

After applying a filter in the Filter Panel, one or more blue Filter Status Bars will be visible below the customer list. You can easily clear a filter by tapping on any of them.

Please note, filters are saved and they are not cleared automatically when the app is restarted. In case you can't find a customer in your list then make sure all filters are cleared.

Project and Route filters

Customers can also be filtered by Projects and Routes - in case you are working multiple Projects and/or have Routes set up. These filters can be found in the blue app bar.