Customer performance analysis is a crucial part of your business. The echo Customer Health module in IntelliBrand can help you to easily identify customers with poor, steady and improving performances.

When you are now viewing your Calls in IntelliBrand, echo analyses their previous history and flags whether this Customer's health is improving, declining, or staying steady. This health status is signified by icons down the left hand side of your Calls screen. The absence of a health status icon means the customer had no calls/purchases this year, or in the same period last year.

Tapping on any Customers health status will now open a new Tab for the Customers, where there are 3 different graphs to let you analyze performance:

  1. YTD Sales Value

    Here we show year-to-date sales value versus the exact same period in the previous year:

  2. Average Order Values

    Here we show average order value this year compared to average order value for the same period last year:

  3. Call Frequency

    The last graph show the number of times we have called to this Customer compared to the number of times we called in the same period last year.