echo swims around analysing your data and brings useful information to the surface when he finds it.

It prompts the user when recommended products are available for a customer to order.

Our recommendation system compares customers based on different attributes and it offers the products that were purchased by similar customers. It also recommends products that are new and we believe the customer would like to purchase them.

Recommended products screen

If a customer has recommended products, a new floating action button pops up after navigating to the Orders tab. Tapping that button will open a drawer with all the recommended products. Users can add or remove recommended products to the order by pressing the + or - buttons.

Please note the following:

  • a recommended product is removed from the drawer if the rep has added it to the order and after the drawer is closed
  • not all customers have recommended products
  • recommended products are not enabled by default - please contact us if you would like to get them enabled

Recommended products are also highlighted in the order list by displaying the echo icon in the background of the list row. 

Removing recommended products

A user can give us feedback by removing a product from the list of recommended products - they can do this by tapping on the 3-dotted button on a product card and tapping on the Remove option. A message then appears that asks the user to give us feedback why they removed the product from the list. If they choose to tell us then they can select from 3 options - see gif below.
A product that is removed by a user won't be recommended again on the user's tablet for that customer.

Recommended products sales report

The recommended products sales report can be found in the console reports in category echo. The report will show you the recommended product sales in a pivot table grouped by Reps, Customers, and Products.

The echo status column can have two values:

  1. Recommended Product - this means the product was recommended by echo at the time when the order was placed.
  2. Recommended New Product - the product was recommended by echo at the time when the order was placed and the first sale of the product was in the last 7 days.