To set up a user for the Webshop please see as follows;

You first need to create a new Customer. Click on Master Data > Customers > Customers

In here select on NEW.

Enter the Customer - Customer Code, Group, Name, Address and any other fields wanted.

Then press on SAVE.

Next you need to create a User:

Select on Master Data > Users > Users

In here select on NEW

Then enter details - Usercode, First Name, Second Name and Email, and the Customer Account that this Webshop user will use.

Then select on SAVE

Once saved, an automatic Welcome email is sent to the User allowing them to access the Webshop and setup their password.

You can resend this email at anytime by Right-clicking on the User and selecting "Resend Webshop Welcome Email". 

You can also manually reset the users Password here.

 Finally, you need to assign the Customer to the User by creating a new Journey Plan:

 Click on Master Data > Users & Journey Plans > Journey Plans




  Click on NEW. Enter the Customer Code, User Id and Project. 

  Then click on SAVE.