To set up a user for the Webshop please see as follows;

You first need to create a new Customer. Click on Master Data > Customers > Customers

In the Customers form, click NEW.

Enter the Customer - Customer Code, Group, Name, Address and any other fields wanted.

Then press on SAVE.

Next, you need to create a User for the Webshop

Click on Web Shop > Web Users

In the Web Users form, click NEW.

Then enter details - Email, First Name, Second Name and Phone Number, and the Customer Account Id that this Webshop user will use.

Then click SAVE.

You will be asked if you would like to send a welcome email to this new web shop user.

If you select 'Yes', the welcome email will be sent.

You can resend this email at any time by right-clicking on the User and selecting "Resend Webshop Welcome Mail".

You can also manually reset the users password here by selecting "Reset password".