Tags are a useful addition to searching for products in the IntelliBrand Webshop.

Users can select tags and your product list is then filtered by those tags:

To associate Tags with your Products, open your IntelliBrand console and select on the Products drop down,  and then select on Product Tags

Here you will need to set-up the tags you require see the below example;

Description - the name of the tag

Sequence - the sequence you would like to see this in 

Tag level - which tag you would like to see it under

Once finished, click on Save

When you have TAGS set-up you then need to add tags to your products.  Select on the Products dropdown and select on Tag assigned to Products

In here you can select on the product you would like to add a TAG too.  To the right of the screen see below you can select the dropdown and add the TAG to the product. 

To view this on the Web shop, see below.  It is on the main home page.

When you select a tag here, it will then filter all products that have this tag.