Webshop offers appear for your Customers in an auto-scrolling carousel as soon as they logon.

Clicking on an offer can direct your Customer directly to a specific Product.

These offers are created as an image file - your Marketing Department can create these images to suit the overall look and feel as to how you wish them to appear. It is important to define standard dimensions for these images so they always appear consistent on your Webshop.

To activate special offers:

Select on  Web Offers on the console

Here, you can add any Special Offers that you have running in your Webshop.

Select on NEW and add details

To enter the Target URL, go to the product on the web shop, select the product and copy the URL from the search bar. When a user clicks on your offer, they will be brought directly to this Product.

To add the image for you offer, go to the last column select on the 3 dots and browse to the photo you wish to upload. An image is required here

Once finished adding details select on Save.