Below is a brief description of what is contained in each tab in the standard IntelliBrand PowerBI Dashboard:


Interrogate Calls by Rep/Customer Group/Location. Drill down to Orders/Audits/Surveys/Promotions and Photos. 

Data Analysis explained further below;

Count - The total number of calls in the period selected

% of Calls - If you select the above tabs Calls, Orders, Audits, Surveys or Promotions, this will give the % of each of these actions carried out

Customers Called - The amount of customers called in the period selected, these are customers that are currently active

Total Customers - The total number of customers 

% Coverage - This is the percentage of customers called out of total customers 

Calls # - Total amount of calls the Rep has made

Days on Territory - The days the Rep worked in the period of time filtered

Avg Calls per day - This is the number of calls divided bu the Days on Territory

Customers Called - The number of customers called to by the Rep

Assigned # - The number of calls assigned to the Rep 

Coverage % - This is the % of customers called out of the assigned number

Order - Total number of orders for that call

Orders % - The % of orders carried out of the total amount of calls 

Avg value of order - The average value of all orders

Audit # - The amount of audits carried out of the total amount of calls

Survey # -  The amount of surveys carried out of the total amount of calls

Promotion # - The amount of promotions carried out of the total amount of calls

Photo # - The amount of photos carried out of the total amount of calls

Average Duration - This is the average duration in a call

Total Hours -  The total hours spent over the period of time selected 

Call Duration

Drill into Call Duration at a Rep/Customer Level


Drill into Sales and FOC, by Volume or Value.

Sales over Time

Analyse Sales Performance over a time period at a Rep or Customer level.

Monthly Sales

Compare sales figures by month at a Customer or Rep level.

Sales v Targets

Compare Rep Sales Performance versus pre-agreed targets


Analyse distribution across Customer Groups and easily spot poor performers

Availability over Time

Track the availability of a Product Range over time at a Customer Group level

Availability v Sales

Monitor the effectivity of Availability Audits versus Sales 


Drill down into Survey Information at a Customer group level.


Apply a Filter across your entire Dashboard - great for analysing a Rep/Customer/Product etc.