1) Set-up Gmail Account

Before setting up IntelliBrand please ensure that you set-up a Gmail account. 

  • Go to Gmail.com
  • Here you will need to select on Create Account
  • Fill in the necessary details to set this up

2.  Installing IntelliBrand Application

  • Select on Play Store 
  • Click on search bar and search for IntelliBrand 
  • Tap install and also tick this tick box ‘allow for automatic updates’
  • Application Icon should appear on the tablet


IntelliBrand now has a new login screen. 

Hosted - This means you are hosted by us and you will use the below screen.  You will be given a User Code and Company Id by your Company.   

You need to enter these and then select on login.  The password can remain blank at this stage.  

On Premise - This means that you are not hosted by us and you will use the below screen.  Again you will be given the details by your company.  

User Code, Company ID, Server Address and Server Port need to be entered.  These details can now be found on your console.  The User code can be found under users and all other sync details are found at the bottom left of the home screen on IntelliBrand. 

When you login, the below notifications will appear, you need to select ALLOW for ALL so IntelliBrand will work.  

3.  User Set-up

  • Open the IntelliBrand Application
  • Select overflow menu at the top right > Choose Settings (see below) 

  • Please enter the following details under each setting - These details will be provided to your Company by WASP Technologies. Please ensure the following is set up in this order strictly  

             Server Address

             Server Port

             Company ID 

             User Code

  • Once you have entered all the correct details then select on the back arrow from the bottom left and select on SYNCHRONISE from the main screen

4.  Please install ADOBE reader - this allows you to view items in the Media section of IntelliBrand 

  • Select on the Playstore 
  • Search for ADOBE reader and Install the application

5.  Uninstalling an Application: If you wish to Uninstall the Application, please see the following.

  • Select settings
  • Select Application Manager
  • Choose IntelliBrand from the list to the right of the screen
  • Select Uninstall and tap OK