Step 1.

  • Under Settings on your device select on More, then select on Mobile Networks

Step 2.

  • Select on Access Point Names as per below

Step 3.

  • Tap on the menu bar to the right of the screen and then select on + New APN


  • Within this screen first select on Name and enter O2 Open Internet or vodafone (Depending on your network)
  • Secondly, select on APN and enter open.internet or (Depending on your network) lowercase letters then tap OK

Step 5.

  • Once the Name and APN have been entered select the menu on the right of the screen and select Save.

Step 6.

  • Now select on O2 Open Internet and tap on the circle to activate, this will switch to a green colour once active. 
  • Select on the back arrow from bottom left of screen 
  • Open Intellibrand and Sync to test