1.       How to pair two devices;

  • Ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on, on both devices
  • Be sure that your devices are in range of each other
  • Select Bluetooth under settings on the tablet and power on
  • Under “Available devices” it should pick up the other device
  • Select this and pair
  • Once paired this will appear under paired devices (you will be able to change the name here if needed by selecting the settings symbol across from the paired device)

2.  Soft reset the device - Bluetooth

  • If the above does not work you may need to Soft reset the device and this will delete any temporary files, this can be done as follows;
  • Hold down the power button until the device turns off (a window will appear, do not select any options here, keep the power button held down)

      3.  Remove the pairing and repair Bluetooth device

To Unpair the device select on the device settings symbol and an option to “Rename” or “Unpair” will appear, select on “Unpair”  

Once unpaired you can start the first step above again by pairing both devices