Before doing a hard reset on your device please ensure that you have synced IntelliBrand to avoid any data loss. 

To perform a hard reset see the below steps and screenshot;

  • Select Settings on Tablet
  • Scroll to Back up and reset
  • Ensure that Back up my data and Automatic restore is ticked 
  • Select factory data reset

Once you have reset your Device you will need to have your G-mail password ready for set-up.  

Once you have gone through the set-up stage then you will need to install IntelliBrand on your device.  

Go to the Playstore and search for IntelliBrand

You will need to have your Usercode, server and port ready to sync IntelliBrand.  This can be got from your IntelliBrand administrator.  

**  Hard resetting a device should only be done if you have been advised to do so.